syn·di· (n)

a group of persons who combine to carry out a particular transaction or to promote some common interest(s).

our interests? the fusion of yoga, an occasional heavy lift, general well-being, #theSweatLife and sheer awesomeness.

why? we found yoga and strength training at the time in our lives when we needed it most, and it saved us.  within our yoga studies and practice we discovered progressive methodologies of movement and meditation that unlocked an absolute healing power.  exploring the strength, surrender, and sensation of regular practice helped heal our bodies, and expand our hearts and minds and now we seek to share our experience, strength and hope.  be warned though, this shit’s addictive.

join us, come #LIVEinSYN.

-mindy luv



at SYNDICATE.YOGA we take things back to basics and then beyond.  our 45, 60, and 75-minute Ashtanga Vinyasa based yoga, Yin Yoga, and yoga-fusion classes are layered into the larger FitHAUS CrossFit schedule to help you create a sustainable blend of flexing and flowing.  many classes are set to modern music and offer a structured balance of guided and unguided movement.  each one holds space for you to explore a full body sensory experience, swirled with relevant philosophy and studies, specifically designed to enhance your ability to move and balance your actual body, all of it, and its history with intention, power and grace.

ultimately, our classes pulse with strength and possibility, continuously challenging experienced students while being fully accessible to new students.  click here to check out our class schedule


    is an experience that offers a deep and healing journey into static, grounding yoga postures by allowing for powerful exploration or muscle fascia and connective tissues over the duration of extended holds in each posture. (not heatedº)

    click here to join us for a YIN YOGA class.

  • FLOW

    inspires and strengthens students through vibrant and vigorous vinyasa yoga flows, powerful and at times energetic music, and messaging set in a heated studio. (temp. 90-95º)

    click here to join us for a FLOW class.


    gets all science-y and asserts that you were designed to move and groove from stress to release, and back again, not just from go-go-hard to go-go-harder. with that in mind, we go after all four (4) sides of your abdomen, from your hips up to your heart, and then release you into a deep series of static stretches to improve mobility, recovery, and overall joint health. (temp. 80º’ish)

    click here to join us for a CORE + RESTORE class.


    is a high intensity experience that works you over like you insulted its mama.  dynamic and diverse strengthening and balance building yoga and athletic movements have been fused together, paired with light hand weights, and you!  also, you should know that occasionally you’ll sweat from places you didn’t know could sweat.  #SorryNotSorry. (temp. 90º’ish)

    click here to join us for a YOGA SCULPT experience.


    is a fully lead class that relies on the same, set sequence each and every class. it is a phenomenal place to get started on your yoga journey, get back in touch with the foundations of your physical yoga practice, or simply move through a strengthening, stoking yoga flow. (temp. 85º’ish)

    *our SHORTFORM sequence is drawn from the Ashtanga Primary Series as lead by Sri. Pattabhi Jois however, it is not a fully-traditional short form series… by any stretch (pun level: not accidental). 

    click here to join us for a SHORTFORM class.

mindy luv // eryt-500

in the time since her first yoga experience in 2005, via a VHS tape (google it, kids), to her present-day efforts as the co-founder of SYNDICATE.YOGA, Mindy Luv has become known for her innovative and progressive delivery of Ashtanga based vinyasa, Yin-Yoga, yoga sculpt, and kid's yoga programming and classes.

a true moon child and a lover of the stars, Mindy can sometimes be found dancing in warm rain with her 3 kids, and often found drawing owls, lions, and trees… oh, my!  she loves the mountains, devours books by authors such as Gabby Bernstein, Jennifer Sincero, and Louise Hay, isn't known for her cooking but can bake just about anything, and she once successfully rebuilt part of Nick's motorcycle.

a graduate of both corepower yoga’s 200-hour yoga teacher training, a lifepower yoga 200 and 300-hour yoga teacher training and co-lead of numerous teacher trainings, her classes are accessible to new students while always offering space and sequencing for more experienced practitioners to explore and grow.  Mindy is also one of our in-house reiki practitioners.

shannon w. // ryt-200

a student of yoga since 2008, Shannon didn’t find her true spiritual teachers until she met Nick and Mindy in 2014.  then, after a health scare in early 2016, with their support and guidance she began a healing journey into love and self-acceptance that included lifepower yoga’s 200-hour yoga teacher training program.

a mom, nature lover, wellness junkie, and life-long creative, it’s entirely possible that you once gave someone one of the Valentine’s Day cards that she designed before leaving behind a 25-year career in graphic design to share the amazing benefits of her yoga practice, which continually transform her life.  since completing her yoga teacher training in the spring of 2016 she has taught vinyasa, restorative yoga and meditation classes to all levels of experience.  she is also our in-house essential oil ninja and one of our reiki practitioners.

kayla b. // 200-hr rys grad.

having started her relationship with yoga as a child practicing with her mom at their local life time fitness, Kayla’s passion for the practice didn’t truly takeoff until after she successfully completed her college career as a competitive cheerleader and gymnast at UW-Stout.  having specialized in beam and vault she transitioned her love affair with balance, strength, and grace into and through lifepower yoga’s 200-hour yoga teacher training program, and PEAK Pilates levels I, II and III training.

she has taught diverse communities across the Twin Cities and is rumored to get all sorts of hyped for any opportunity to fuse her love of the great outdoors and her love of working with people seeking peak performance from their body and being.  on that note, as the head-honcho of KB Sculpt (the ultimate stand-up paddle board yoga fitness experience in MN) she’s also our resident #SUPyoga guru.

kelly d. // coming soon

after a highschool love affair with all things Tae Bo, Kelly high-kicked and mambo chasséd into her first teaching job as a step aerobics instructor at her college.  From there her career turned to ER nursing, it’s during this time that she first contemplated yoga (and how absolutely weak-sauce she thought it was...).

BUT - as tends to happen (consider this your warning) - she unrolled her mat and promptly fell in love at first movement!

Fast forward to 2011 when, shortly after having her first child, she felt called to dive deeper into her yoga practice.  She completed her 200-hr yoga teacher training at corepower yoga, and quickly followed it up with the corepower yoga sculpt training intensive.  In the time since she has taught for both corepower and life time fitness, had a few more kiddos, continuously opened herself to new forms and flavors of adventure, and worked to spread one of her favorite personal mantras:   you are the author of your story, make it a good one!

sara g. // 200-hr rys grad.

after completing the 2014 200-hr yoga teacher training session at radiant life yoga in MPLS, Sara, who is also a registered nurse, immediately took to work spreading yoga’s therapeutic benefits beyond the walls of a studio and to both schools and hospitals.  over the years since, she has worked passionately to empower people to reach their optimum state of wellbeing through a fusion of eastern and western traditions and practices designed to balance mind, body, and spirit.

adam r. // coming soon

after suffering serious spinal and knee injuries in a motorcycle accident, Adam’s belief that all you need is already inside of you was forever fortified.  

with roots that can be traced back, through Tony Sanchez, to both the Ghosh lineage and the teachings of Bikram yoga, Adam strives to share the profound benefits of regular practice.


1916 Wayzata Blvd. | Long Lake, MN