no matter how many yoga studios or classes you’ve been to or how many instagram #yogachallenges you’ve made it through, there is still a touch of vulnerability that comes with checking out a new place, meeting new people, and/or doing a new thing.

however, we believe that a lot of yoga’s power to heal lies in both the courage and the vulnerability it takes to show up, so to help encourage and ease your introduction to our studio and community we’ve put together some basics of a SYNDICATE.YOGA experience.


syn·di·cate – it’s a noun

  1. a group of individuals or organizations combined or making a joint effort to undertake some specific duty or to pursue or promote a common interest
  2. a loose association of racketeers or gangsters in control of organized crime or involved in illegal activities

essentially, we aim to hold space and take actions that build a community which consistently, progressively, and positively impacts each of its members and all others they encounter. and, if that doesn’t work, we’ve got definition #2.


yo·ga – it’s another noun

  1. a system of practices for attaining bodily or mental realization and well-being, a part of which, including breath control, meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and release of tension and "blockage"

as practiced at SYNDICATE, yoga is an accessible yet challenging collection of physical movements and static holds designed to short-circuit the mental and physical roots of both disease and ‘dis-ease’.


FitHAUS – that's whose house. and we're thrilled to be home!

open since 2017 and founded in the spirit of togetherness, FitHAUS, located in the heart of LONG LAKE, is a CrossFit gym focused on fitness, overall wellness, and the power of surrounding yourself with good people.

it’s these core values, paired with the rock star owners of FitHAUS, Brittany Spears – no, not that Briteny (who btw is a pop-star and not a rock star) and Katie Stahl, that in the summer of 2018 got us all hyped at the idea of partnering to expand their yoga program and to relaunch our brick and mortar presence.

since then we’ve set our sights on the further and continued realization and expansion of our shared vision for a community hungry for a level of PROGRESSION that is so ABSOLUTE in its commitment to BE FIT. BE WELL. TOGETHER. that it’s ADDICTIVE.


all are welcome here, except a**holes who think otherwise.

the SYNDICATE community proudly includes men and women of all ages, races, genders, orientations, and of all fitness levels. we’ve taught your neighbors, players from the NFL and the NBA, other yoga teachers, dancers, triathletes, high school sports teams, stay-at-home moms and dads, those in recovery (all forms of it), and many others.


after making your way to 1916 wayzata blvd. in LONG LAKE, MN you'll be greeted by some relatively straightforward signage, you can trust it.



generally speaking you’ll want to wear relatively fitted exercise or yoga clothing, specifically made of moisture-wicking fabrics, if possible. when planning your outfit a good question to ask yourself is, “what will happen to these clothes vs. my body if i’m upside down?” if your best guess involves your shirt trying to strangle you while you flash the class, or leaves you questioning if your, um, you know, might fall out and / or be otherwise exposed, then there’s your answer.

for our YIN YOGA classes, specifically, looser fitting, comfortable clothing is typically ideal and layers will serve you well.


once you know what you’re wearing, double check the time and make sure you’re on track to arrive about 15 minutes prior to the start of class. from there, you will want to be sure you have:

  1. a yoga mat (but yes, just in case you need one, we do have studio mats)
  2. a sweat towel (you'll need it for more than a few of our classes)
  3. a water bottle (we have water fountains on the CrossFit side of the building)


online class sign-ups coming soon. for now, simply show up 15 min. before the start of class,
check-in with the teacher, and unroll your mat.


all SYNDICATE.YOGA classes and programs are accessible to new students. that doesn’t mean you’ll instantly know what you’re doing and be destined for the cover of YOGA DIGEST or MANTRA MAGAZINE – it’s your first time doing a new thing so let’s be reasonable, unless you’re a savant there’s going to be a learning curve.

what it does mean is that our teachers are experts who have been specifically trained to lead classes that are accessible and challenging for both new and existing students, we call it “teaching to the mid-line” and it’s an integral part of our foundation.

that said, here’s an overview of our main formats that should help break things down a little more than they are on our class descriptions page.

  • YIN YOGA //
  • not a lot of movement, postures will be held for extended periods of time, low-key atmosphere.
  • [sweat level: not unless you have a medical condition]
  • FLOW //
  • lots of movement, usually some balancing, occasionally an option for inversions.
  • [sweat level: from weird places]
  • so much movement + not a lot of movement (recovery), heart rate will go up, then down.
  • [sweat level: deep seated stank]
  • all of the movement, yoga moves, athletics moves, #MovesLikeJagger, it’s been referred to as a “goat rodeo,” and yes.
  • [sweat level: projectile]
  • set sequence, lots of movement, some postures will be held for a brief period of time.
  • [sweat level: guaranteed]

beyond those points, here are some of the “unwritten rules of the road”

  1. it is suggested that those who are adverse to heat exposure take steps to hydrate and otherwise prepare, beginning at least 24-hours prior to class
  2. in every SYNDICATE class you are welcome to take a knee or child’s pose at any point that you need a chance to reset your breathing, or if you need a moment for your heart rate to settle
  3. we welcome all people AND we add heat to our practice space for many of our classes and programming, we often play modern music (sometimes loudly, sometimes with 4-letter words, and sometimes there’s no music at all). that said, please understand that these are non-negotiable aspects of a SYNDICATE experience


that word, at the end of class, that your teacher says and then most everyone repeats back, it’s “namaste” and it has nothing to do with religion or you joining a cult (that comes later and we have really cool jackets for members*). it’s simply the light, soul, energy (or whatever you want to call it) of one person acknowledging and affirming the same in another.

*neither cult memberships nor special jackets are actually a thing… that we will admit to.



you start here.